Grace Energy Heals

Grace and Love is an all pervading energy of the Universe, just like electricity or gravity. Grace Energy has the capability to heal our body and mind.

Michael Allenbright, a brilliant former wireless engineer from Motorola has developed a technology that can harness and remotely transmit this healing energy from the Himalayas to you 24/7. In the presence of Grace Energy, our body and mind begins to heal over a period of time *.



“I joined the iZone Energy program to help me find relief from severe and very frequent panic attacks. I am happy to report that I have not had a single panic attack since I joined the program. What a RELIEF!! ” *

- Cecilia

Main Idea Behind iZone Energy

“Positive Vibrations Enhance Health, Negative Vibrations Diminish Health”

Human body is not just a “Chemical Machine”. The Truth is we are made of Vibrations. This is a scientific fact.

Healing through positive vibrations is far more effective than healing through chemicals (please see disclaimer below). Love is not just a human emotion, it is actually an energy of the Universe. It is a healing vibration of the Universe that is capable of healing our body and mind.

iZone Technology is an unprecedented device placed in the Himalayas that harnesses pure Universal Love Energy from there and wirelessly transmits it to you anywhere you go 24/7.

Michael calls this Universal Love Energy as iZone Energy to distinguish it from the emotion of Human Love. Human Love is not pure love, because it is contaminated by the human mind and emotions. On the other hand, Universal Love does not have any contamination.

No rituals, knowledge, practice or devices are required to receive this healing energy. In the constant presence of Universal Love, your body and mind begins to repair itself.


* DISCLAIMER: Results vary from person to person. This is NOT a replacement for professional HealthCare. The statements on this website have not been verified by FDA.